🔥Fighting evil by moonlight!🌙💥.
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I remember when people first realized how much funnier these comics were just without Garfield’s dialog, which Jon was never able to hear anyway. Garfield only ever communicated to us readers in thought balloons, after all. What we’re seeing here is Jon’s canonical reality.

I’m torn between laughing at these and being deeply worried for Jon lol

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i think ive posted this before but who cares this is quality humor

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I still repeat the
things you said
to me in my

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Yoshi: Fucking Mario you Fucking douche I’ve been nothing but helpful and here you are just killing me off wtf bruh

All I ever do is wait for you.

I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it.

The thought of you not being beside me bothers me.

One question,

Would you have waited for as long as I have waited for you?

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